Photo: Svein Wik/ NTB scanpix.Photo: Svein Wik/ NTB scanpix
News and events // Last updated: 20/05/2013 //

“I am pleased that six new countries and the EU have been granted observer status in the Arctic Council. This confirms the Arctic Council’s key position as an international forum for discussing Arctic issues,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide, who is taking part in the Kiruna Ministerial Meeting.

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Photo: Hege M. Kolshus Hansen/MFA Norway .
News and events // Last updated: 09/05/2013 //

Each year on 17 May Norwegians fill the streets with cheers and flags in celebration of Norway's constitution, adopted in 1814. The 17 May celebrations vary from place to place, but usually follow a traditional pattern that makes this the highlight of the year for most Norwegian children.

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News and events // Last updated: 02/05/2013 //

The Fourth National Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, organized by the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development under the auspices of the Croatian President Prof. Dr. Ivo Josipović, took place in Esplanade Zagreb Hotel on 25 April 2013.

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Photo: Igor Soban.
News and events // Last updated: 11/04/2013 //

Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø visited Croatia from 18 to 22 April as a guest of the Noir Festival 2013 and to promote the Croatian edition of his book „The Snowman“ . Nesbø's stay in Zagreb was a special treat for his fans, who used the opportunity to get their books signed and take pictures with the favourite author.

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Norsk // Sist oppdatert: 17/04/2013 //

  Den norske ambassaden i Zagreb har ledig praktikantstilling for høsten 2013 Den norske ambassaden i Zagreb tar i mot én praktikant hvert høst- og vårsemester. Praktikantoppholdet varer i 6 måneder. Oppstart er 1. august for høstsemesteret 2013. Det er en forutsetning at praktikanten har norsk statsborgerskap. Målsettingen med praktikantordningen Målsettingen med praktikantordninger er å spr

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Photo: International Conference on Right-wing Extremism and Hate Crime in Europe and Beyond.
News and events // Last updated: 06/05/2013 //

On 14 May, international experts and stakeholders will gather in Oslo for a two-day conference on right-wing extremism and hate crime directed towards minorities in Europe and beyond.

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Photo: Norway Cup.
News and events // Last updated: 29/04/2013 //

Norway Cup has been held annually from 1972, except for 1976, and will in 2013 take place from the 28th of July until the 3rd of August. In 2012 over 1600 teams from all over the world participated, making Norway Cup the world’s biggest football tournament. This year we hope that teams from Croatia will want to attend one of youth football’s biggest events.

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Photo: Arne Flaaten/Forsvarets mediesenter .
News and events // Last updated: 18/04/2013 //

“The Security Council Chamber was a gift from Norway to the UN in 1952. I am delighted that Norway has taken responsibility for the renovation of what is perhaps the world’s most important room,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide.

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News and events // Last updated: 05/04/2013 //

Minister of International Development Heikki Eidsvoll Holmås is today launching the white paper Sharing for prosperity: Promoting democracy, fair distribution and growth in development policy. The Government is presenting a range of new measures to be used in the fight against poverty.

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