Norwegian Citizenship

Norwegian citizenship may be obtained through birth or adoption or by notification or application.

The Act of 8 December 1950 relating to Norwegian Nationality contains the provisions which define Norwegian nationality and describe how Norwegian nationality is acquired.

For Norwegians living abroad, it is important to note the following:

If you hold Norwegian citizenship, but were born abroad and have never lived in Norway, you may lose the right to Norwegian citizenship upon reaching the age of 22. You may, however, apply to keep your Norwegian citizenship.

Such an application must be lodged after the age of 21, but before the age of 22 through the nearest Norwegian foreign service mission.

If you live in Croatia, the application should be directed to:

The Royal Norwegian Embassy
Petrinjska 9
10 000 Zagreb

Please note that if you are a second generation Norwegian having been born abroad, it may be more difficult to retain your Norwegian nationality.

Further information concerning Norwegian nationality may be obtained from:

Directorate of Immigration

P.O.Box 8108 Dep.
0032 Oslo
Telephone: 0047 23 35 15 00

The application for retention of Norwegian nationality should be made in the form of a letter, where it is explained why you want to keep your nationality. With the letter, the following must be enclosed:

-Norwegian passport. If you have never had a Norwegian passport; some form of identification, such as your Croatian passport or other ID

-Birth Certificate, which states both the child’s name and both parents’ names

-The passport of the parent who is Norwegian

-If the father is Norwegian and the mother is not; the parent’s marriage certificate.

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