International cooperation is an important part of research activities. As one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Norway has an obligation to develop new knowledge and contribute to international research efforts. At the same time, Norway is a small country, and needs to draw on the research efforts of others. At present, close to 10 per cent of Norway’s research expenditure is channelled into... Read more

Pure research is important to all areas of society and is a vital factor in higher education and researcher recruitment. Pure research has also laid the foundation for wealth creation in Norway in areas such as the oil and gas, aluminium and aquaculture industries. Read more

In 1999, the Government established a fund for research and innovation, designed to ensure more stable, long-term public financing of Norwegian research. The fund was capitalised through the sale of government stocks, and in 2005 comprised approximately NOK 36 billion. Investment returns are used to support the structural priorities (internationalisation, pure research and research-based... Read more